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Ventura SQL 2.6.1950 is available for download

  • Added Record.ResetToUnmodified and Recordset.ResetAllToUnmodified methods;
  • Added Record.IsModified(column name) method to query the modification status of an individual column;
  • Small improvements to the generated Recordset source code

Ventura SQL 2.6.1902 is available for download.

  • Improved the "class summary" text for the generated recordsets;
  • RecordsetObservable<> was renamed to ResultsetObservable<>;
  • RecordsetData<> was renamed to ResultsetData<>;
  • Completed record-validation in the generated record code. It checks that all primary keys are set. If not, an exception is thrown;
  • Lots of small improvements to the generated Recordset source code.

Ventura SQL 2.6 is available for download

Ventura SQL 2.6 is available for download.


Deleted Recordsets will also be deleted from the Visual Studio C# output projects. All folders you specify in a Ventura SQL project are managed by Ventura SQL. Ventura will empty the folders as needed. So do not place other files in these folder, as they will be deleted at code generation time.

"Auto-run Auto Create"

The Auto Create Recordsets module runs when code generation is started.

This makes Ventura easier to use when modifying tables in the database.

Before: a) modify/add table column. b) delete Auto Create folder. c) run Auto Create d) run Generate.

New: a) modify/add table column. b) run Generate.

Ventura SQL 2.5 PREVIEW is available for download.

A preview for Ventura SQL 2.5 is available for download.

This is a major update that makes Ventura SQL a mature product with extended functionality.

The code generator, Ventura SQL Studio is feature complete:

  • Select any ADO.NET Provider in the provider page;
  • A new Advanced Provider Settings dialog;
  • When creating a new project, there is a list of templates to choose from;
  • A new Recordset parameter definition dialog;
  • The Auto Create Recordsets module has been added;
  • A lot of improvements to the generated Recordset C# code;

The documentation and website have not been updated yet.

I am still tweaking the runtimes, to make loading and saving data with the Recordsets as simple and productive as possible.

ADO.NET Providers

Later this month, Ventura SQL version 2.5 will be available for download.

This version is not locked down to SQL Server anymore. You can consume any ADO.NET Provider with Ventura.

Use Ventura for a 3-tier solution with SQL Server, or use Ventura with a locally installed SQLite database. There are no limitations.

Ventura SQL is the only Data Access Layer with integrated middle-tier.