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Product name change: Ventura becomes Ventura SQL

In preparation for the yet to be announced Ventura UX product, the Ventura Data Access Layer will be renamed to Ventura SQL.

We are currently in the process of updating the website and the product documentation.

Within the next 2 weeks we will release Ventura SQL 1.0.200 that will implement the new naming.

The EXE and DLL names and NuGet Id's will change.

EXE and DLL names

VenturaStudio.exe becomes VenturaSQLStudio.exe
VenturaUWP.dll becomes VenturaSQL.UWP.dll
VenturaAndroid.dll becomes VenturaSQL.Android.dll
VenturaIOS.dll becomes VenturaSQL.IOS.dll
VenturaWPF.dll becomes VenturaSQL.WPF.dll
VenturaWinForms.dll becomes VenturaSQL.WinForms.dll
VenturaAspNet.dll becomes VenturaSQL.AspNet.dll


Ventura.UWP becomes VenturaSQL.UWP
Ventura.Android becomes VenturaSQL.Android
Ventura.iOS becomes VenturaSQL.iOS
Ventura.WPF becomes VenturaSQL.WPF
Ventura.WinForms becomes VenturaSQL.WinForms
Ventura.AspNet becomes VenturaSQL.AspNet





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